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Generator Rentals

Don't forget the power! We offer both large and small generators depending on your type of event. As a general rule, we can run extension cords up to 100' to a building or a pole with electrical. If the distance is any greater than that we will need to rent you a generator. Part of our planning process for your event is to educate you on your power needs. If you're not sure what type of power or how much you'll need we can figure that out for you.


3,300w Generator

Our 3,300w generators are perfect for that party in the park that has only 1 or 2 inflatables. It will power either 1 blower and a concession machine, or 2 blowers but no concession machines. $64.99


6,500w Generator

This larger generator will help power those larger events where power isn’t available from an outlet. You can power either 3 blowers and a concession machine, or just 4 blowers total with no concessions. $109.99


10,000w Generator

This extra large generator has enough power to run up to 6 blowers, plus a concession machine or two. These are huge, loud and really great for those huge events where we'll have lots of inflatables there. $149.99

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