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Water Inflatables


17' Dual Lane Rip 'n Dip

The Rip 'n Dip with pool is a tidal wave of hills and thrills. Two humps built into each 24' sliding lane shoots you down the slide into the chills of the pool. Dual sliding lanes allow the kids to race side by side! $389.

Rent a blow up slide from Rockin Rents

Mighty Tropic Slide

This is the largest inflatable slide for rent in central Missouri! Towering at 27' tall, just over 42' long and 18' wide, it is a massive addition to any event. With dual lanes, two kids at a time can rush down the slide at high speeds and splash safely into the huge pool at the bottom. This baby brings almost 1,000lbs of excitement to any event. $629.

Rent a water inflatable from Rockin Rents

Mighty Tropic with Slip 'n Slide

Combining the excitement of our dual lane slip n slide with the sheer wonder of our 27' Mighty Tropic slide gets you this: 70' of high speed pure adrenaline splashing! This beast is the LARGEST inflatable water unit in the state of Missouri and we can't get enough of it! A savings of $200 when rented together!  $749.


Single Slip 'n Slide

Description: Similar to our dual lane tropical slip 'n slide, participants run and dive down one lane to a splash landing. Both of our slip 'n slides have rave reviews since they're more interactive than water slides. A mist hose keeps the lane wet, plus it's a great unit fo the kiddos to just sit around and lounge on! Price: $269.

Rent the Dolphin Slide from Rockin Rents

Dolphin Slide

Sometimes our large slides are intimidating for younger kids. This slide is great for kids under 10yrs old and a great way to keep those little ones busy all day! It features a rear-climb slide, a 9' platform with a shorter drop and a small pool landing. Not for kids older than 10. Call with questions.  $289.


Splash Slide

This 20' Splash Slide is a great option in between our Wave Slide and the Mighty Tropic Slide! It's great for adults and kids, has a huge splash landing area and is sure to be a big hit. This one runs fast and ends in a splash!
Price: $379.

Rent the wave slide from Rockin Rents

Wave Slide

This 19' wave slide is perfect for both kids AND adults! Slide down the front and ZOOM around the corner into a splash landing for a refreshing finish. The main difference between this and our Pool Slide is the bottom doesn't have a standing pool. There's still plenty of water and this is a pretty fast ride! $349.

Rent the Dual Slip n Slide from Rockin Rents

Dual Lane Tropical Slip 'n Slide

Bring on the FUN! This is 36' of raging waterworks. Participants run and dive down one of the two lanes and scream down the slide to a splash landing. Just as fun as any water slide and MORE interactive! A mist hose runs above the unit and keeps everyone wet and cool. Sure to be a huge hit! $329.

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