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Obstacle Courses

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

Small Obstacle Course

This is a great course for both space-challenged locations and more budget-friendly events. It's still 34' of pure fun, but allows for a smaller crowd and/or a tighter space. Participants dive through the front tubes, under/over/between and through the obstacles to come out the other end! $399.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

Medium Course

45' long and a 16' slide. This course is super fun. Two at a time race through, around and under obstacles, then climb 18' and slide to the finish. Sure to impress the crowd! $519.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

Mega Course

13' X 65'. This is the ultimate course. It’s one of the largest courses in Mid-MO and can handle hundreds of people per hour. Racers fly through the pillars, between wedges, around pop-ups and finally over the slide to the finish. Whether you’re an adult or kid, you’ll love this one! $629.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

80' Wacky Maze

This Wacky Maze inflatable obstacle course is perfect for those little ones who love to climb and crawl! Intended for elementary aged kiddos, this unit features a total of 80' of climb through fun! It's also got plenty of room to serve as a bounce house as well. Bright colors, lots of obstacles inside to get through, this is sure to be a hit! $399.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

85' Atomic Run

This baby is fun! It's a very long course, similar to our Mega Obstacle Course but with new Atomic colors. It's got crawl troughs, climb-overs, climb-unders, climb-ups and of course a big 16' slide! $729.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

'110 Atomic Rush

One of the largest courses in the industry, this 110' u-turn run through course has it all. Players race 55' in one direction, fly through a u-turn course and head back through the Atomic LAUNCH for a 22' slide down and launch into the Zero Shock Airbag. Great for all ages, and especially great for adults. This course rocks!! $829.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

120' Atomic Sprint

Combining our 45' Atomic LAUNCH, our 45' Atomic course and our 30' Atomic Rock Climb slide, this course is a great middle of the road option between our 85' course and our 160' course. It includes a total of two slides and a very long 120' of fun! $899.

rent an obstacle course from rockin rents

160' Atomic Scream

The large obstacle course for rent in the STATE OF MISSOURI. Combining ALL of our Atomic inflatables into one monster course, this includes the 45' obstacle with slide, the 40' obstacle, the Atomic LAUNCH (45') and the 30' Atomic Rock Climb slide into one massive 2,000lb masterpiece! You'll be speechless. $1099.

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