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Dry Slides

rent the large inflatable slide from rockin rents

Large Slide

This slide is awesome! It’s 16' tall and can handle any age group. It’s got dual lanes for added ability and can be used at any event. No water allowed. $329.

Rockin Rents dry slides for rental

Mighty Tropic Slide

This is the LARGEST inflatable slide for rent in central Missouri! TOWERING at 27' tall, just over 42' long and 18' wide, it is a massive addition to any event. With dual lanes, two kids at a time can rush down the slide at high speeds and land safely at the bumper ending at the bottom. This baby brings almost 1,000lbs of excitement to any event. $599.

Rockin Rents atomic rock climb inflatable

Atomic Rock Climb Slide

This is a pretty unique slide! It's a rear-load slide that stands 18' tall and about 32' long. Participants climb the "rocks" and dive over the front of the unit. It's easy for the little ones and fun for the "older kids" too! $329.

rent the atomic launch from rockin rents

Atomic Launch

Not your typical slide. The Atomic Launch is one heck of a ride! It stands a huge 22' tall and 45' long. The slide angles up slightly at the bottom so participants slide down and launch up into the Zero Shock Airbag at the end! Much more high energy than our other slides. $599.

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