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Combo Bounce Houses

rent the excalibur combo from rockin rents

Excalibur 4-in-1 Combo

This Excalibur themed combo is great for all ages. It's got a large bounce floor, a basketball hoop, a climb through section and of course a slide! It can accommodate up to 8 kids at once and is easily monitored with full mesh walls. $269.

rent ht balloon combo from rockin rents

Dual Lane Balloon Combo

This unit is great for both birthday parties AND larger events. It's got a colorful balloon theme, a 14'x15' bounce floor and a large dual lane slide for added fun! Great for younger kids and up to teens. Holds 8-10 kids at once and stands about 20' tall. $249.

rockin rents has many combo units available for rent

Pink & Purple Combo

Similar to our 3-in-1 Combo, this unit is great for all age ranges. It's got more traditional soft colors and you can't forget about the extra slide for added benefit. It's got a 14'x15' bounce floor and stands about 20' tall. $249.

rent the 3 in 1 combo from rockin rents

3-in-1 Combo

This 3-in-1 combo is perfect for all ages! It has a 13x13 bounce floor, a basketball hoop and a slide. It’s perfect for 6-8 kids at a time and is sure to be a hit! This is better if you've got older kids all the way up to adults. $249.

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